User survey results

A little while ago, Even geleden hebben we via een enquête jullie reacties gevraagd op de Toogethr Cycles app. A little while ago we asked for your feedback on the Toogethr Cycles app. Thanks to everyone who made time for that. The survey resulted in several action items, which we will work on.

In general, you were very positive about the app!

  • The majority of the respondents (54%) use the app more than 3 times a week. Only 9% use the app only 3 times a month.
  • The app receives a rating of 7/10 or higher from most respondents (71%).
  • The main reasons for using the app are:
    • Cycling for rewards (87%)
    • Cycling for charity (68%)
    • Cycling to help IJmond achieve their sustainability goals (60%)
    • Cycling to be challenged (57%)
  • 86% would recommend the app to their colleagues or friends
  • 81% regularly participates inthe bike challenges. They indicate that the prizes and challenge motivate them the most to participate.

We are very happy with the results! But of course, there is always room for improvement. For example, a number of people indicate that they would like the app to start and stop the rides automatically so that it is no longer necessary to do this manually. A number of people also indicate that their rides are sometimes not fully registered. Below you can read what you can try to solve this yourself.

How do you make sure that all rides are properly recorded?
It is of course a pity if you make a ride but don’t get any points! So that’s why we want to make a list of all the important things you can do to prevent this from happening.

  • Are you ready to go? Open the app and tap ‘Start‘, then you can start cycling. Have you arrived at your destination, tap ‘Stop‘. Mostly for commute rides it is really important to record the whole ride from the beginning to the end.
  • Will you be stopping for a long time during your ride? Tap ‘Pause ride‘.  When you start cycling again, tap ‘Resume ride‘, then your ride will be recorded again.
  • Do you leave at the same time regularly? Simply plan your bike ride in advance in the app. Fifteen minutes before your ride start you will get a notification that it is almost time to leave. This will help you to remind you to start your ride in the app.

This helps to properly record your ride and receive points:

… make sure your phone has a stable internet connection
… make sure your GPS settings are set the right way (check how to do this)
… preferably, use only one GPS-app. The use of for example Strava and Toogethr Cycles at the same time, may result in an error
… do not use the de battery saving mode on your phone (the Toogethr app does not use that much extra battery)
… temporarily turn off the wifi-connection on your phone

Niew developments
We continue to work hard to add new features to the app. In the meantime, participate in the challenges and keep cycling!

Do you want more information or do you have any questions about Toogethr Cycles? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or send an e-mail to