How the app works


Are you ready to start cycling? Open the app and tap ‘Start‘, then you can start your ride. When you reach your destination, tap ‘Stop‘. Will you be stopping for a while during your ride? Tap ‘Pause ride‘.  When you get back on your bike, you can resume the ride by tapping ‘Resume ride‘.

In order to properly register your ride and receive points, it is very important to…

… ensure a stable internet connection.
… set your GPS settings correctly (read how to do this here).
… use only one GPS app. Turn off other apps that use your GPS location (e.g. Strava or Wahoo).
… turn off the battery saver on your phone (read how to do this here).

Do you regularly leave at the same time? You can plan your bike rides in advance in the app. Fifteen minutes before, you get a notification that it is almost time to leave. This helps you to remember to start your ride in the app!


  • You earn points for your commute to work up to a maximum of 10 km per trip
    That 10 km is not a random number: 7.5 km is considered by cyclists to be an acceptable cycling distance on a regular bicycle and 15 km for an e-bike. In addition, there are many companies that only provide a travel allowance from a 10 km commuting distance. IJmond Bereikbaar wants to reward this distance in line with its bicycle stimulation idea.
  • Gift vouchers are available from 1.670 points – Charitable donations from 1.250 points
    You can choose to spend your points on nice gift vouchers but also make a donation to one of the five local charities. When donating to charity, your points are worth more!
  • You can order up to 3 gift cards or make donations each month

Do you want more information or do you have questions about Toogethr Cycles? Take a look at the frequently asked questions or send an e-mail to